the window. wide open. lying on bed. watching the pouring rain outside. tree branches are swinging. its leaves are dancing. under the water drops. with the musical of rain. on one fine day.

flying away

blow with a whisper and wishes
into the air, dandelion fly
fly, fly away
to anywhere but stay

foto: google image

the paper boat story

I once had a paper boat. The lil' girl in me used to sail with it through the river. It floated up and down along the stream.

Somehow it stopped, somewhere. I forgot it was just made from a piece of paper. Soon it's getting wet and drowned. The paper boat sank. The lil' girl wast lost. The dream faded away.

Oneday, two lil' boys brought some pieces of paper and said, "Mom, teach us how to make a paper boat and play it with us." The lil' girl in me suddenly woke up. But it took a courage to start dreaming and sailing again.

Hopefully the paper boat will float again, someday, somehow...